This blog is dedicated to the those who take refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. It is dedicated to those who have supported and continue to support Wat Pasantidhamma. It is also dedicated to our teacher Ajan Udom. Finally it is dedicated to all those who wish to end suffering.

Wat Pasantidhamma -- Ajan Udom
Ajan Udom

This blog is about the Chanting Book for English practitioners of the Theravada Forest tradition that can be found at Wat Pasantidhamma. This book was generously produced and given to those who want it. It is a simple guide in practice. The chants are in Pali and translated into English. This chanting is meant to awaken those into the practice of meditation. 

Ajan Udom and Lay Practitioner
Ajan Udom and Lay Practitioner

This book will be reproduced fully here and made available to anyone who is interested. We will also provide digital recordings of the chants and video as time progresses.

Chanting Book Inside Cover
Chanting Book Inside Cover

Ajan Udom has given his permission this project. Gratefully we undertake this project with joy!

This chanting book is very simple but upon inspection it will reveal the Dhamma teaching of the Buddha in such a way that it can be investigated, contemplated and then enjoyed.

Every Wednesday from 6 PM to 9 PM we meet together and practice chanting, sitting meditation, walking meditation and discuss the Dhamma of the Buddha with our teacher. We hope you will join us in our practice.

From the Chanting Book:

Sabbadānnaṃ dhammadānaṃ jināti.
'The gift of Truth excels all other gifts.'

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The Chanting book was originally Printed By NITIDHAMMA PRESS for Wat Pasantidhamma.

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