Project Notes 20190113

Title Page

The "Inside Cover Page" has been renamed "Title Page" as is standard for a page on a document that without a cover (of another material from the binding process) with show what the document is. 


RE: Physical pages to Web Pages

This website is a blog but the pages of the chanting book that were posts are now pages. The reasoning for this is that upon editing a post, and redating a post this changes the actual URL (Universal Resource Locator) so the links to the previous post are no longer good. This only makes sense to web developers but it means that a link has changed its name and is no longer where one would expect it to be. Pages are static so the links to them should remain the same. 


The Evening Changing is nearly complete. The next part to transcribe will be the Special Sutta.

Project Outline

The Project outline is here: Project Outline

Ajan Udom and Bhikku Supat at Wat Pasantidhamma - 9 January 2019